Key People

Shireen Muhiudeen


Shireen Muhiudeen is a senior investment professional, managing emerging market investments for over 33 years. She founded her responsible asset manager firm, Corston-Smith, in 2004 due to her strong belief in sustainability. Prior to Corston-Smith, Shireen was the CEO of AIG Investment Corporation from 1992 managing regional portfolios. 

Shireen also accepted the role as the first female Chairman of the Malaysian Stock Exchange, and as an Executive Committee member of the Economic Action Council for Malaysia which is chaired by the Prime Minister. 

Shireen has been named on Forbes Asia’s 50 Power Businesswomen 2014 and as 25 Most Influential Women in Asia Pacific’s Asset Management Industry by Asian Investor in 2011.  

Shireen recently released her Amazon #1 Bestseller “We are all Stakeholders – Culture, Politics and Radical Accountability in the Boardroom”, and started an interview series, “Stakeholders with Shireen” on digital media with FMT.